We increase biomethane production by 25%

7. dubna 2020

We increase biomethane production by 25%

07. dubna 2020


n today’s time of relative uncertainty, in which no one knows exactly when life will return to normal, every good news will please.

One such good news is the news from the EFG Rapotin BPS: „We increase biomethane production by a quarter!“. Collectors receiving waste have been able to put in place a new waste treatment technology, which we have sufficiently stocked up and which have a very positive effect on gas development, in advance of the harsh government measures.

Thanks to last year’s installation of a biomethane plant on the premises of the Rapotín biogas plant, we are able to use all biogas developed from biodegradable waste. Therefore, our biomethane plant will go into Phase II. and increase its production by 25%! Today we produce 74.4 kg of biomethane per hour. The CNG car is enough to cover almost 2,000 km.

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