The circular energetics of tomorrow

6. března 2020

The circular energetics of tomorrow

06. března 2020


n the article at, Tomáš Voltr reflects on the possibilities of today, which offer available technologies enabling the energetic processing of common domestic waste.

This concerns the ecological and circular use of waste as a secondary raw material, and also its disposal according to current legislation. The production of electricity, heat and biomethane (composition identical to natural gas) will be consumed at the place of production.

This will have several positive effects at the same time: saving greenhouse gases released from spontaneous decomposition waste as well as from the combustion of solid and liquid fossil fuels, which can replace electricity, heat and biomethane (BioCNG) produced from renewable energy sources. An equally valuable positive impact of energy production at the point of consumption is its independence from its centralized generation and transmission / distribution. From a strategic point of view, a sophisticated system of information interconnecting individual independent units will be much more stable than today’s internationally interconnected energy distribution system.

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