Development of EFG projects in 2020

10. January 2020

In 2020, the EFG will continue to work actively to deliver on its vision. The main attention will be paid to the development of our most important projects – ECR Rapotín, Energo Mostek and EFG Educa.

At ECR Rapotin we have achieved great success last year and we kept you informed. The main success was the installation and launch of biomethane production, we wrote more here. A similar success, unprecedented in the Czech Republic, was to obtain a certificate confirming that heat, electricity and biomethane produced in ECR Rapotin from biodegradable waste have a neutral carbon footprint. This year in Rapotín we will focus on the optimization of biomethane production and we are going to launch an innovative project of methanization of waste carbon dioxide in cooperation with the Faculty of Environmental Protection of the Prague Institute of Chemical Technology.
Last year we also commenced the acquisition of a biomass power plant in Mostek at Dvůr Králové, which we are about to complete this year. The main activities of 2020 will be the optimization of operations and cooperation on finding alternatives to the cereal pellets used today and the utilization of low-potential heat.
In the context of so important education, we have founded a new company last year: EFG Educa, which is dedicated to the environmental education of pupils and students and also officials of local governments. It is precisely the success of the interconnection of young people’s ecological activities and the support of municipalities that is changing the thinking of all involved. Renewable energy production has a positive impact on nature and landscape, and it is therefore essential for people to perceive it from an early age, as well as when the future of our country depends on their decisions.



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