Do not eat the steak, you will save the planet or sometimes a little is just enough

5. prosince 2019

Do not eat the steak, you will save the planet or sometimes a little is just enough

05. prosince 2019

Christmas time is approaching, a time of peace, peace and giving, so it is no harm to ask yourself how each of us can do something good. Not just for myself, but for the whole Earth.

No, I really don’t want to preach to you about how great vegans are and how you should let all those beautiful animals live. I will have meat myself when I feel like it. This is not very often, but as they say, each according to their taste. The meat comes to me unnecessarily hard and when I need to think about work, it limits me. So I decided not to overdo it with him, and over time the taste passed.
Anyway, I am reading a very nice book The Art of Measurement by Danish psychologist Svend Brinkmann, which deals with the „greediness“ of the world today, not only in terms of food but in general about the constant pursuit of something under the motto „harder, better, faster, stronger“ „by Duft Punk. Resources look almost limitless, so we have become accustomed to want more and more. As if the merrymaking should never end.
But as we know today, this pursuit of imaginary happiness has put us in the state we are in today, a time when we are facing the threat of rapid climate deterioration on our beautiful planet. Again, I do not want to preach here in the style of Greta, but the fact is that we gave our people a „greedy“ approach to considerable problems.
And that brings me back to the beginning of this article and the point of the whole message. It is little known, but such cows on pasture, it is not just an idyllic view from under the alpine peaks. These cows have bacteria in their stomach, which are at the beginning of the process of discharging methane into the air (I leave it to your imagination what the process looks like). And not only cows, but also sheep, goats and other ruminants.
Although this might seem like a problem to be waved at, it is not. In the United States, for example, herds on pasture are responsible for about 27% of methane released into the atmosphere. And since methane absorbs infrared very strongly (about 20 times more efficiently than CO2), it is a significant greenhouse gas that raises the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere.
So every time you have that tasty steak, you contribute a little bit to the deterioration of our climate. Surprising, isn’t it? So try to keep this in mind and occasionally just skip the meat. It won’t kill you and it will allow future generations to live a better life in a much better quality environment.
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