Interview with Pavel Bureš

7. února 2020

Interview with Pavel Bureš

07. února 2020

Pavel Bureš is a project manager at the EFG Rapotín BPS biogas plant. Last year he was one of the main people in the project of upgrading biogas to biomethane. It is still the only installation in the Czech Republic that is yet to be awarded by the general public. You may be wondering what it is about producing energy from waste … when we have gas and oil deposits. This is because the waste produced by civilization is decomposing and its decomposition releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thus heating up the planet, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and so on. But even if we do not believe in the greenhouse effect caused by industrial and livestock production, we still have to clean up and use waste when we know how; otherwise we will end up as in the famous film Wall-E, in which garbage has cast people and living nature out of Earth.

We know that Pavel Bureš is doing a very professional job that few people understand so well.
In the following short interview, we’ll answer the questions about his day and future.
Can you describe a typical  day in your position?
We don’t have enough space here. I get up in the morning, say hello to the family. I usually go directly to Rapotín and work on the preparation of new projects, this work is intertwined by solving new incoming tasks resulting from the operation of our type of equipment, meetings with suppliers and designers of technological equipment that we would like to install in our energy center in Rapotín.
What are the expectations and goals you want to achieve?
My goals? I would like my children to know the world in, at least, the same state and health as I had. Our planet is beautiful and we have to protect it. Don’t mine it.
What do you like most about working in this company?
This is a good question. Nowadays, I miss a lot of things and human activities that flicker during the day in my horizon. And when you enjoy work, it is very lucky. I enjoy the scope of my work. Technical focus in the biogas sector, where I have been operating for over ten years. Now I have the opportunity to use the experience gained from implementing projects across Europe and to develop a project near my home. I enjoy working at the EFG to enhance the value of the work of our entire team, including mine: cleaning our planet from waste. Although it sounds exaggerated, the truth of this intention confirms that I see a gradual increase in the amount of waste shipped from sources in my immediate vicinity. Otherwise this waste would end up in a landfill. Today the waste ends up being disposed of in our power plant. We process the waste and use it to convert it into energy, which is again meaningfully used. That makes sense to me. One of these changes is the technology of biogas upgrading to biomethane and its subsequent injection into the production pipeline. This is a unique technology and it is the first installation of this type in the Czech Republic. Clean the biogas generated from the waste to 98% methane and then press it into the gas pipeline. Its energy is then used by all those connected to the network. With this biomethane we can heat houses, power cars, trains, rockets. ..I like it ….
What do you like to do in your free time?
What is it? (laughter). When I have a chance, turn off the phone and disappear into the mountains.
What will make your normal day a successful day?
As a successful day I consider every day that I spend meaningful and action. I count the time spent with family, friends, work, sports, or a good book. All this is a success. The life is beautiful.
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