Energy production in EFG Rapotin BPS 2019

7. února 2020

Energy production in EFG Rapotin BPS 2019

07. února 2020

We all know that the amount of waste is constantly growing, including its substantial component – biodegradable waste. Its essential characteristic is its „liveliness“, thanks to which it decomposes very quickly. Decomposition is essential for two reasons: the first is that it loses its useful properties; We fulfill the credo of our investment company: „We do not inherit Planet Earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.“ by transforming at least some of the 2 million tones of Czech BDW annual production into energy, preventing spontaneous decomposition of waste at the landfill and the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and saving resources of fossil fuels that would otherwise serve to generate electricity and heat needed for our households , schools, etc.

Last year, we produced 4043 MWh of electricity in Rapotín, which would otherwise require 12 290 tons of coal to be produced and 3,315 tons of CO2 eq to be produced. throughout the life cycle (from mines to transportation to incineration; including the cost of mine construction and management, etc.),
We also produced 16,608 GJ of heat for which 14,023 tons of coal would have to be burned and 3,783 tons of CO2 equivalent would be produced.
We are also helping our planet by keeping unexcavated mineral resources in store and possibly finding technologies that will make it better than today.
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