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Ecology must not ruin communities

4. May 2020

Ecology must not ruin communities

04. May 2020

The Association of Local Authorities of the Czech Republic, with the support of the Association for Rural Renewal of the Czech Republic, initiated the submission of amendments to the government’s draft of the new Waste Act.

The amendments concern three areas – the amount of the landfill fee, the so-called sorting discounts and the calorific value parameter. The amendment proposals were submitted by MP Jana Krutáková, a member of the Committee for the Environment of the PSP CR, informs the Association of Local Authorities.

Citizens of the Czech Republic and representatives of towns and municipalities do not have to worry about the consequences of the Waste Act. 

“We all need to change our approach to waste and behave responsibly,” says Martin Vrtiška, sales director of the Energy financial group, which is, among others, the owner of the biogas plant in Rapotín. “We do not throw food scraps and other energy-efficient waste into municipal waste. By reducing the amount of SKO that ends up in landfills and incinerators, we will help nature and at the same time reduce our expenses for this method of waste disposal, ”adds Martin Vrtiška, adding that the waste BPS in Rapotín, which processes BRKO is proof of that. “In addition, it produces electricity, heat for local people and biomethane from waste – an ecological fuel with the lowest carbon footprint,” adds Mr. Vrtiška.

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